Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Restaurant-Style Crispy Tofu Rice Bowls

Dear Turkey,

When you eat these, you'll
Feel like you're eating out, and
They're not hard to make

Restaurant-Style Crispy Tofu Rice Bowls
(serves 3, barely adapted from the awesome budget bytes)

For the rice:
- 1.5 c uncooked jasmine rice
- 1 clove garlic, minced or pressed (I used jarred)
- 1 t salt
- 1 regular-size can coconut milk (not the light kind! come on!)
- 1 c water
For the glaze:
- the juice of 1 lime as well as about 1/2 t of its zest if you're feeling motivated
- 1/4 c honey
- 1/2 T tamari
- 1 t corn starch
For the tofu:
- About 1 lb extra-firm tofu pressed for at least 30 minutes, cubed
- 1/2 t salt
- 3 T corn starch
- 2 T oil (I used canola)
- 2 mangos, chopped
- 1 avocado, sliced
- 2 green onions, sliced
- 1/3 c cilantro, cut up
- kimchi!
- siracha!

- For the rice: combine all ingredients in the rice cooker or a big pot with a lid and cook until rice is tender. Stir and let stand at least 10 mins.
- For the tofu: after you press it (don't skip this step!), toss it with the salt and cornstarch (try to really coat all sides, but don't go nuts, either). Heat the oil until shimmering in a wide-bottomed pan. Fry the tofu on high heat for about 8 mins, turning when each side starts to get brown. It may not get super brown, but I promise it will still be delicious. Turn on your fan unless you also want to smell like a restaurant.
- For the glaze: remove the tofu from the pan and pour in the glaze ingredients. Mix everything together really well and then let it simmer for a minute or two until it starts to thicken. This won't take long. Then pour half of if over the tofu and half over the mango and toss to coat.
- Serve the mango and tofu over the rice and top with the rest of the garnishes.


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