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Not-Asian Tofu

Dear Tofu-Haters and Tofu-Scaredy-Cats,

First, a confession: when people put those interesting marinades on chicken, I am sometimes jealous. Not that I want to eat the chicken part, but I am interested in the sauce part.

This confession leads me to remind you that tofu doesn't have to taste like Asian food (not that that's a problem for me, Tofu being my namesake and all).  I marinated this tofu in lemon-garlic marinade, and then I served it over a bed of lemony spinach. Healthy, easy, fast, and so tasty. Good the next day, too.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Polenta Pizza

Dear Turkey,

I invented this pizza yesterday, although I know that a google search would indicate that I am not the first inventor, or even the hundredth. I was still proud of myself.

This really tastes like a pizza, thanks to the toppings, but the polenta crust is crispy on the outside and surprisingly creamy in the middle. It's healthy and fast, and you don't feel like you just ate a whole pizza.